Unexpected soil and weather are routine challenges for airports, car services, and public transit. Our portable and cordless vacuums allow a quick response time while ensuring uninterrupted quality and comfort for travelers.


  • Extremely Busy
  •  Volumes of People to Work Around
  • Constant Schedule Changes​​​​​​​

Backpack Vacuums and Cordless Vacuums rise to the challenge.


Transportation Statistics

  • Over 4 million miles of roads
  • 19,000 public & private use airports
  • 140K miles of freight and passenger railroads
  • 25,000 miles of navigable waterways
  • Average person travels 13K miles per year
  • U.S. transportation system serves nearly 319 million Americans

Equipping a Facility for the Expected and Unexpected

When a quick response time can mean the difference between minor cleanup and major restoration, it pays to have a wet/dry vacuum and an air mover on the premises. ​

ProGuard Wet/Dry Vacuums are 6 models that vary in size and functionality – each designed to take on different maintenance situations.


  • Improve cleanliness of your facility.
  • Greatly reduce time spent cleaning.
  • Cleans hard surfaces and carpet.
  • Lightweight and maneuverable wands reach under tables and around chairs.
  • Easily clean high areas such as vents and fans.
  • Cleans faster and more effectively than a broom or upright.
  • Remove debris instead of pushing it into corners.

An airport building is a vast facility. A single terminal may span 300,000 square feet with walls primarily of glass and rise up to two stories high. Add in the the thousands of travelers passing through feeling comfortable, a total massive space to maintain and keep clean. 

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