Effective soil removal safeguards the value of the home, and advanced filtration protects the health of its occupants. Whether you run a maid service or just want the highest quality clean, ProTeam vacuums will outlast and outperform the average upright.

Choose a Backpack Vacuum:

  • Increased Productivity
  • 3x Faster Than Commercial Upright
  • Faster, Healthier, More Efficient Way to Clean
  • Maneuverability
  • Up to 90% Reduction in Overall Repair Costs

Proof Positive

“The use of the ProTeam Sierra backpack results in high productivity, easy and smooth movements and outstanding vacuuming results with all types of flooring.”

Rose Galera, Cleaning Specialist


OBSTACLE: ob-sta-cle/noun/

ProTeam’s backpack vacuum includes lightweight wands and tools that make it simple to move around and under most obstacles. Capture dust and particulates high, low, and in between obstacles for 360º cleaning, saving valuable labor time and providing a faster, better clean.


Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Efficiency

Backpack Vacuum Cleaning Efficiency vs. Sweeping on Hard Surfaces

In soil removal tests conducted at Turi Surface Solutions Laboratory: A ProTeam Backpack vacuum removed more than 98% of the soil – a 10% increase with vacuuming compared to sweeping.

 Source – Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI), University of Massachusetts Lowell, November 2012.



  • Versatile. One vacuum for carpet and hard surfaces. Great on stairs and high dusting.
  • Power and performance. Remove more soil and dust that will reduce client complaints.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight. Maximize cleaning worker productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Time savings allow reallocation of workforce to other problem areas.
  • Proven to help decrease allergy and asthma triggers in indoor environments.
  • Easily accessible detail tools allow for seamless cleaning of all surfaces.
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