When health clubs prioritize cleaning, they prosper. ProTeam backpack, wet/dry, and cordless vacuums quickly clean around obstacles and occupants to create an appealing gym environment and maximize member satisfaction.

  • ProTeam vacuums add a new dimension to your cleaning routine. Easy-to-reach tools are always at hand for hard-to-reach areas in and around places like weight machines.
  • A vacuum provides versatile cleaning options for high dusting and equipment dusting on cardio machines – all in one tool.
  • 50' extension cord boosts productivity in and around equipment or cordless option to go anywhere.

Proof Positive

“Gyms require a rugged, durable vacuum. Workout equipment is constantly manufacturing dust so a vacuum is used up to 5 or 6 hours a day.”

Robert Natale, Sales Manager, Capital Cleaning Contractors


Club operating data indicate that the more a club spends on housekeeping, the better their performance in other categories; revenue growth and member retention.*

*Source: Survey of International Health, Racquet and Sports Club Association Members, 2008


Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Efficiency

In 5 passes, the ProTeam backpack vacuum is:

  • 43% more efficient than a commercial upright vacuum.
  • 30% more efficient than a canister in removing soil.

Source: Quality Environmental Services & Technologies, 1996; APC Filtration, Inc., 1996; An Evaluation of ProTeam’s QuarterVac and CoachVac in a School Environment, Dr. Eric Brown, Cleaning Research International, UK, 1994


Taking Vacuuming Seriously

  • Purchase vacuums that remove contaminants without releasing fine particulates back into the air, and that have the flexibility to clean with minimal disruption.
  • Establish a cleaning program and ensure tasks are completed with work logs—and train employees on proper use.
  • Maintain the effectiveness and save money on repairs by regularly cleaning and replacing vacuum filters.
  • Choose a quality vacuum that effectively traps microscopic particles, like bacteria, pollen and organic matter.


  • ProTeam is a proud partner of the American Lung Association. Together, we fight for clean indoor air so that we all can breathe easier.
  • For more information from the American Lung Association, call 1-800-LUNG-USA, or visit their website at www.lung.org.
Seal of Approval from CRI

​​​​ProTeam vacuums have earned Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) signifying the vacuum systems meet higher standards for carpet cleaning effectiveness and Indoor Air Quality.

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