John Walker, OS1

ManageMen is a cleaning industry consulting and education firm providing a comprehensive range of technical expertise to associations, in-house and outsourced cleaning organizations. ManageMen’s program (OS1)® is a comprehensive, high-performance cleaning management system. It employs in-depth training, for upper-facility management to the cleaning worker level.

(OS1) is based on benchmarking best practices, standardized tools and cleaning procedures. The system is work-loaded to teams and each cleaning worker is trained and certified on specialized tasks.


John is President of ManageMen, Inc. and the founder of Janitor University. He has over 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry. John specializes in (OS1) functional management, training, workloading, strategic long-range planning, and organizational change issues.

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Jim Harris, Concepts4

Concepts4’s mission is to educate, train, assist, and coach in the effective implementation and quality monitoring of High Performance Cleaning Utilizing Team Specialists. Team Cleaning is a flexible, efficient and cost-effective cleaning system for custodial operations. Team Cleaning offers solutions to the many challenges that managers face through better deployment of labor, effective cleaning methods, improved appearance levels and simplified training programs.

New to the program is SysteamClean, a robust operational management software designed for Team Cleaning.


Consultant, trainer, corporate executive, businessman and entrepreneur, Jim Harris, Sr. has managed a productive and successful career in the cleaning industry for over 45 years. Jim provides education, training, consultation and system implementation to numerous markets, including education, health care, corporate, controlled environments and building service contractors.

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Bob Cummings

Bob Cummings, Pro-C-Systems, Inc.

The Cleaning Systems Training Group provides the solutions for improved cleaning productivity and sustained quality. This progressive program assists cleaning professionals with the implementation of a high performance cleaning system to maximize efficiency and achieve cleaning excellence while reducing labor and supply costs.


Bob Cummings I.C.E. – GB Expert heads up Pro-C-Systems, Inc. He has over 35 years of experience in the cleaning industry ranging from the product supply side to the delivery of daily cleaning service to over 200 million square feet in facilities of all types. Bob created the Quad-Flow System which is one of the foundation blocks making up the Team Cleaning concept. One of his most valuable attributes is his ability to teach and train service workers using state of the art cleaning techniques and methods in a simplified acceptable friendly manner.

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Tim Poskin, Cleaning Management Concepts LLC​

Tim has been analyzing, measuring and helping to improve processes for custodial organizations since 1999. Tim first started implementing custodial processes as an employee of The Boeing Company in Factory Services as Management Facilities Organization Advisor and as administrator of contracted janitorial services for Boeing leased buildings in Puget Sound. Additionally he has won Awards for excellence in the cleaning industry for training, management, and peer influence. Mr. Poskin served as the prime workloading consultant for the million dollar study that serves as the foundation for converting a large customer from Area Cleaning to Team Cleaning saving​ them ​14 million dollars in the first year of implementation.


Tim Poskin is the world’s leading authority on custodial workloading, converting area cleaning to team cleaning, and transitions from polluting programs to cleaning programs. Tim has created numerous resources and training materials that have been used successfully in organizations utilizing team cleaning. Tim specializes in custodial workloading, start-ups, and additional services (carpet care systems, disaster and emergency response, floor care, etc.).

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Rex Morrison, Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools

Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PCHS) optimizes efficiency, cleanliness, ease-of-deployment, and health factors through a carefully designed and documented system tailored for K-12 school districts and college/university. Process Cleaning is built on specialization, simplification and work loading via a systems approach.


Rex Morrison is president of the non-profit Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PCHS) Consortium, Inc. Rex recently retired from his long-standing position as Housekeeping Training Coordinator for the Washoe County School District (WCSD), Reno, NV - one of the few districts in the nation to achieve ISO 9001 Certification due to its focus on quality and standardized process. He pioneered Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PCHS) in 100 schools in Washoe County. Rex now helps school districts across the nation implement the PCHS program to save money and jobs while enhancing the health of the indoor environment.

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