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LineVacer Turbo Brush Tool Kit

SKU: 107162

Cleaning carpets and entry mats is made easy with the Turbo Brush Kit. This kit comes complete with a turbo brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, dust brush and a two-piece, one-bend, friction fit wand.

    The LineVacer Turbo Brush Tool Kit boasts these essential features:
  • 11" Turbo Brush
    This air-driven attachment increases agitation to help remove deep down-dirt from carpet.
  • Two-Piece Wand - 
    Two-piece, one-bend, friction fit wand for extended reach.
  • 17" Crevice Tool - 
    Perfect for deep cleaning around corners and tight spaces.
  • 5" Upholstery Tool - 
    An all-purpose tool ideal for seating and high dusting.
  • 3" Dusting Brush -
    Gently removes dust and allergens from blinds, lampshades and other delicate surfaces.

Specifications for the LineVacer Turbo Brush Tool Kit:

Weight - lb. or kg 3.255
Carpet Tool 103608
Wand 102266
Crevice Tool 100108
Dust Brush 100110
Upholstery Tool 100115
Fits LineVacer
Unit of Measurement - EA PK SET EA