View of the ProTeam Kit 107420 Residential Cleaning Service Tool Kit

Residential Cleaning Service Tool Kit

SKU: 107420

Designed for the commercial user cleaning residential areas.  This kit comes complete with a turbo brush, scalloped hard floor tool, telescoping wand, crevice tool, dust brush, claw nozzle and mesh storage bag.

    Whether you are cleaning large areas or small, hard surfaces or carpet, high or low surfaces, this kit saves time and effort. 
  • 14" Scalloped Hard Floor Tool w/ Felt Brush - 
    Soft but firm material which provides good abrasion resistance that is recommended for hardwood and high polished finishes.
  • Telescoping Wand - 
    Adjustable height for maximum comfort.
  • 11" Turbo Brush
    This air-driven attachment increases agitation to help remove deep down-dirt from carpet.
  • Mesh Storage Bag - 
    Conveniently store all accessories in one place.
  • 3" Dusting Brush -
    Gently removes dust and allergens from blinds, lampshades and other delicate surfaces.

Specifications for the Residential Cleaning Service Tool Kit:

Weight - lb. or kg 5
Carpet Tool 836357
Hard Surface Tool 100144
Wand 106290
Crevice Tool 100108
Dust Brush 100110
Claw Nozzle 107196
Mesh Bag 102663
Unit of Measurement - EA PK SET EA