Front view of the ProTeam 100597 Sound Muffler, 10 qt.

Sound Muffler, Fits Round 10 qt.

SKU: 100597

The Sound/Exhaust Filter does double-duty by capturing post-motor particulates and reducing noise levels.

    The last line of defense in ProTeam's Advanced filtration system, the sound/exhaust filter does double-duty by reducing exhaust and sound levels. Quieter - Sound Muffler reduces noise levels Easily Replaceable  - Sound/Exhaust filters are easy to remove and replace Fits -  CoachVac, Super CoachVac HEPA, MegaVac

Specifications for the Sound Muffler, Fits Round 10 qt.:

Weight - lb. or kg 0.245
Filtration Sound Muffler/Filter - Level 4
Item Height - in. 7.5
Item Length - in. 7.875
Item Length - in. 7.875
Item Width - in. 2.75
Fits Super CoachVac HEPA, CoachVac, MegaVac
Unit of Measurement - EA PK SET EA