Straight Wand High Dusting Tool Kit

SKU: 107598

Clean quickly and efficiently with the Straight Wand High Dusting Tool Kit. This kit comes complete with a three straight friction fit wands, one straight wand with hose connection ridge and a mesh storage bag to keep it all in one place. A great addition to any ProTeam backpack vacuum.

    Wands are an essential part of a ProTeam vacuum. With a range of capabilites, this wand delivers on accessing and effectively cleaning high, and hard-to-reach places. The extension wand will improve your cleaning reach by 10-12 ft.
  • Expandable Reach -
    Expand the reach of your ProTeam commercial vacuum by 10-12 ft. of effective cleaning
  • Attachable Wands -
    Connect multiple wands together to reach above the floor challenges for enhanced cleaning
  • Durable -
    ProTeam wands are constructed to last, ensuring you get the most productivity out of your equipment.
  • Ideal Use -
    Above the floor, hard to reach areas, ceilings, fans, light fixtures.
  • Storage Bag -
    Keep all your cleaning tools in one place.

Specifications for the Straight Wand High Dusting Tool Kit:

UPC Code 693822075983
Wand 105693
Fits Friction Fit
Unit of Measurement - EA PK SET EA