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Commercial Power Nozzle Tool Kit

SKU: 103224

The Commercial Power Nozzle Tool Kit is a favorite among residential cleaners. This kit comes complete with power nozzle, two-piece wand, electrified hose with elbow cuff and gas pump handle, dust brush, upholstery tool, and crevice tool.

    This Commercial Power Nozzle Kit comes with all the essential tools to make residential cleaning a simple task.
  • Power Nozzle
    Offers a 12" cleaning path, perfect for various carpet heights.
  • Two-Piece Wand - 
    Two-piece lightweight wand with cord hold for extended reach.
  • Gas Pump Handle - 
    Easily turn on/off the power nozzle for efficient cleaning.
  • 13" Crevice Tool - 
    Perfect for deep cleaning around corners and tight spaces.
  • .
  • 2.5" Dusting Brush w/ Rectangular 90/180 Degree Swivel -
    Gently removes dust and allergens from blinds, lampshades and other delicate surfaces.

Specifications for the Commercial Power Nozzle Tool Kit:

Weight - lb. or kg 10.81
Power Nozzle 105879
Wand 106053
Electrified Hose 105880
Crevice Tool 103086
Dust Brush 103089
Upholstery Tool 103087
Unit of Measurement - EA PK SET EA